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A free, specialized survey tool for fashion and beauty products… with an acute focus on profitability.

Getting customer feedback on your products at the POS terminal is too late. With Perspicacity™ you know which products your customers like before ordering, so you minimize stockout and residual.



Survey results



Your profit



Preloaded with all the right questions, and all the right ways to analyse the results

Preloaded with all the right questions, and all the right ways to analyse the results

  • Your customers' demographic profile evolution
  • Product perception and sentiment analysis
  • Price estimation, sales forecasting and promotion optimization

Upload anything on which you want feedback

Upload anything on which you want feedback

  • Products and prototypes
  • Colors and prints
  • Window displays and advertising

OK, but what do I personally get out of it?

No problems. You work in fashion, fitness, or beauty retail and you are:

You're responsible for organizing product creation, purchasing, or replenishment for a product line.

What you do:

You anticipate trends and create prototype products and/or decide when the products should be made available to customers and in what quantity.

How Perspicacity™ helps:

  • Gives you feedback from your customers and sales assistants on your prototypes and products.

  • Forecasts how much you'll sell, at what time, and lets you simulate the effect of promotions.

You're responsible for managing the system for all the product creation/purchasing/replenishment.

What you do:

You approve the product creation/purchasing/replenishment decisions of your team ...

... and manage style and budget trade-offs and conflicts ...

... to deliver a fun shopping experience and a coherent brand identity.

How Perspicacity™ helps:

  • Shows what your team did to de-risk the decisions

  • Shows the pros and cons of options by quantifying the profit you stand to gain from each one

  • Allows you to stop sweating the boring stuff and focus more on customer experience and brand identity

You're responsible for managing the entire retail ecosystem at the C-level.

Your core activities:

Given a purchasing budget, at your risk ...

... buy the optimal combination of products ...

... and place each product within reach of the right customer at the right time.

How Perspicacity™ helps:

  • Quantifies the risk and use of your purchasing budget, showing your biggest bets and avoidable losses

  • Calculates the most statistically profitable assortment of products to buy

  • Simulates the quantities you can sell at various prices, quantifying the revenue and expected profit.

You'll probably know all this as "Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning" (SIOP).

What now?

Believe it or not, you can get started right this moment, free of charge:

  1. Create your account
  2. Survey some products or designs to get some market feedback

If your company already uses Perspicacity™, ask your colleagues to send you an invitation so that you can access shared data.